A brand-new series by Helene Tursten

Hunting game by Helene Tursten

Perhaps you are acquainted with Detective Inspector Irene Huss at the Violent Crimes Unit in Gothenburg, Sweden? She is the lead character in a ten novel series by Helene Tursten and in the TV series Irene Huss, comprising 12 episodes, more or less based on the novels by Tursten.

However, Helene Tursten has abandoned Irene Huss for the moment, and her new book Hunting Game launches a quite new series – and a new heroine, the young and smart Embla Nyström. Embla made an early appearance in The Treacherous Net (Inspector Irene Huss investigation book 8), but now she is back as the lead character. Embla works as Detective Inspector at the mobile unit in Gothenburg (Sweden´s second largest city), but she is also a talented hunter and a prize-winning Nordic welterweight champion.

Hunting Game opens with Embla going to visit her uncle and take part in her family’s annual moose hunt in the forests of Dalsland in northwestern Sweden. The hunting party is unexpectedly joined by a handsome newcomer, to whom Embla becomes very attracted, but soon the hunt is affected by mysterious and violent happenings. Two high-profile hunters disappear during the night, one is found dead and the other is missing without a trace. The only clue is a piece of paper saying “I remember. M”. But who is M?
Embla is pulled into the investigation and soon she suspects that a mystery from the past has direct bearing on present events. She has to piece together an old story and it takes many dangerous turns before the perpetrator is uncovered.

The novel is rather short and traditional, a locked-room set up, where the action takes place in a remote location with a small group of potential suspects, but Embla is an interesting character with a lot of potential. And as there seems to be an unsolved crime story in her past – and in her nightmares, I´m sure we can look forward to meet her again.