A real page-turner by Arne Dahl

Hunted by Arne Dahl

Hunted is the breath-taking sequel to the bestselling Watching You, and here we meet  the fascinating duo Sam Berger and Molly Blom once more. He a former police officer and she an experienced infiltrator, this time they are more or less forced to operate outside the law – with the Swedish Security Service lurking in the background.

Sam and Molly have to go undercover and head for the snowy wastelands of northern Sweden – to find the author of a letter – and a serial killer. The letter was written by someone who knows quite too much about an old murdercase and who might be in danger.  But there is also someone who wants to stop them from getting to the bottom of the mystery and watches their every move. What happens when the cops become the prey?

Arne Dahl really makes you hold your breath from first to final page in this action-packed thriller, where the snow-covered outskirts of northern Sweden form a magnificent, ice-cold and menacing background. The plot is elegantly constructed and has a lot of unexpected twists and turns. Just when you think you have it all figured out, the story moves in a direction that turns everything upside down and you have no idea of what will happen on the next page. The author demands your attention on every page, but you are richly rewarded since the novel is extremely well-written. As a Swedish reviewer put it: “Arne Dahl is a master of prose and plot”.

The best thing is that the ending of the story implies that more is to come, and we can look forward to meet Sam and Molly again.