Hi, and welcome to my site about Nordic Noir or Scandinavian crime fiction. I am a librarian and entrepreneur – and lately crime fiction novels have become my passion. Twenty years ago I wasn´t at all interested in reading crime fiction. Why spend time on those endless whodunits?

This was my opinion until I stumbled over Henning Mankell´s novels starring police inspector Kurt Wallander.  Mankell´s subtle way of describing what´s going on in society made me realize that crime fiction is a brilliant way of telling important things about our society and about us as human beings, but doing it in an engaging and exciting way. Today I´m truly fascinated by the interaction between elaborately plotted crimes, various geographical settings and interesting characters – and how much you actually can learn from a good crime fiction novel.

Being a librarian by profession my aim is to collect, organize and curate as much information as possible about Nordic Noir authors, their books, their protagonists, best reading order etc. Besides, I love to walk in the footsteps of my favourite investigators and visit the locations mentioned in the books. Thus I also hope to share my travelling explorations with you and maybe inspire you to visit the Nordic countries. I myself live at the southern border of Sweden, but I have a crush on Norway and the exciting outskirts of Iceland and the Faroe Islands.

I hope you´ll follow me rediscovering old gems and exploring new, exciting and thought-provoking crime fiction novels – and going on crime fiction tours in the Nordic countries.