Action-packed thriller in hospital environment

Hell and High Water by Christian Unge is the first in a new Swedish crime series featuring Tekla Berg, an emergency physician with photographic memory.

Tekla Berg is juggling several cases at once, including a man from the explosion with very extensive burns. Convinced that the fire was a terrorist attack – and that the patient was involved – the police are determined to question him. Almost as determined as those who would silence him at any cost. And while Tekla battles to keep him breathing, she can’t shake the thought that something about him is strangely familiar . . .
Tekla has always hidden her remarkable mind from her hospital colleagues, resorting to amphetamines to take the edge off the endless whirl of lucid memories. But now she’ll need to call on all her wits as she’s drawn into a mystery involving corrupt police, the godfather of the Uzbek mafia, and her beloved but wayward brother.

The author

Christian Unge, born 1972, works as chief physician at Karolinska University Hospital in southern Stockholm. He specialises in internal medicine and runs a successful podcast about medicine together with two fellow doctors. He has also written an autobiographical account of his years working as a doctor in Sweden and in Africa. The hospital environment forms a perfect background for this action-packed story about life and death. And as Unge knows the hospital environment in depth, he describes it better than anyone else.

An original heroine

Tekla Berg is a young doctor working at the Accident & Emergency Department of the fictional Nobel Hospital in Stockholm She is a clever and fearless doctor, who wants to save lives, no matter if she has to ignore her boss or use some unorthodox methods. She is born with a remarkable photographic memory, that is both an advantage and a disadvantage for her. Tekla is a highly original heroine, who delivers a massive shot of adrenalin – and it will be really interesting to follow her in future books.

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