An unusual multi-perspective suspense novel

Black Ice is a complex and gripping standalone novel by Carin Gerhardsen, author of the internationally bestselling Hammarby series.

January in Gotland. In the snow-covered silence of midwinter, a terrible accident and some deadly secrets bring five people’s lives together. From not knowing the other one existed they all get wrapped up in an escalating spiral of violence,  though they won’t realize it until four years later. Then a single phone call brings back the terror of that day and a plot for revenge is set in motion. Both Sandra and Jeanette had driven past the same icy ravine, but only one of them left a man to die alone in the snow. But each carried a secret from that day, a secret that, if revealed, could connect them to a larger, more terrible transgression. And there is someone out there who knows the whole picture, and who would rather kill than allow it all to come to light. 

Intricate plotting

Carin Gerhardsen has a background as mathematician and her crime fiction novels are often constructed like puzzles, where nothing is what it seems to be and a new piece completely changes the whole picture. There are many twists and turns and sometimes you have to flip back pages to see how you could be missing the truth. The story is driven forward by feelings of guilt, hate and a desire for revenge, but since it is told from multiple perspectives it forces the reader to think and to re-evalute his views more than once.

Gotland is a wonderful summer island, but in the winter it is dark and desolate, windy and snowy. A perfectly chilling and atmospheric backdrop for this psychological thriller with some shocking twists.

Publishers Weekly

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