Swedish physician, lecturer, podcaster and writer, who has launched a new crime series starring emergency surgeon Tekla Berg.


Christian Unge (b. 1972), works as chief physician at Karolinska University Hospital in southern Stockholm. He did his doctorate in HIV and specializes in internal medicine. He has been working at Doctors Without Borders in Burundi, Kongo och Kenya. Together with two fellow doctors he runs a successful podcast about medicine and he has written an autobiographical book about his years working as a doctor in Sweden and Africa. In 2019 he launched a new literary crime series, starring complex female surgeon Tekla Berg.


Hell and High Water
Translated by George Goulding
Original title: Går genom vatten, går genom eld (2019)
He only made it this far thanks to Tekla Berg, an emergency physician with unorthodox methods and photographic memory. Convinced that the fire was a terrorist attack – and that the patient was involved – the police are determined to question him. Almost as determined as those who would silence him at any cost.
Tekla has always hidden her remarkable mind from her hospital colleagues, resorting to amphetamines to take the edge off the endless whirl of memories. But now she’ll need to call on all her wits as she’s drawn into a mystery involving corrupt police, the godfather of the Uzbek mafia, and her beloved but wayward brother.