Swedish journalist, script writer and author, who made her debut as suspense writer in 2009. She has written five standalone novels, but in 2020 she launched a classic procedural crime series set on the High Coast in northeast Sweden.


Photo: Annika Marklund

Tove Alsterdal was born in 1960 in Malmö in southern Sweden, but she grew up in Umeå and in Stockholm. In the 80´s she studied journalism at Kalix Folkhögskola, where she met  Liza Marklund with whom she would come to work closely with, author to author. For many years Tove also worked as a freelance journalist and she has written manuscripts for theatre as well as television, radio, and film. In 2009 Tove Alsterdal made a successful debut with The Forgotten Dead, the first of five standalone novels, set in very different environments in Europe and touching on many genres.
In 2020 she published We Know You Remember, the first part of a new series featuring police detective Eira Sjödin and set in Ådalen in the stunning High Coast region in northeast Sweden. It made her the Winner of Best Swedish Crime Novel 2020 and The Glass Key Award for Nordic Crime Fiction 2021.
Today Tove Alsterdal lives in Stockholm with her three daughters and since 20 years she also spends much of her time in Ådalen.


We Know You Remember (The High Coast series, book 1)
Translated by Alice Menzies
Original title: Rotvälta (2020)
It has been more than twenty years since Olof Hagström left home, after being convicted as a teenager for raping and killing a girl, though no body was found. Too young to be sentenced, Olof was sent to a youth home. Returning to his family’s house in Kramfors, he knows instantly that something is amiss and he finds his father dead, probably murdered, in the bathroom shower.
For police detective Eira Sjödin, the investigation of this suspicious death resurrects long-forgotten nightmares. She was only nine when Olof Hagström, who was fourteen, was found guilty and sent away. The case left a mark on the town’s collective memory—a wound that never quite healed—and tinged Eira’s childhood with fear. But now Olof is back, and he stands accused of another brutal crime. Eira will have to untangle years of well-kept secrets to get to the truth . . .