Books to look out for in early 2019

New books 2019

A new year ahead and a lot of new crime fiction books waiting to be published. Here are some really longed for and some unexpected newcomers from the Nordic countries. Don´t forget to put them on the reading list for the first months of 2019:

Samuel Bjørk became an immediate favourite with his first novel I´m Travelling Alone, where he introduced veteran police investigator Holger Munch and his brilliant but haunted partner Mia Krüger. It was followed by The Owl Always Hunts at Night and now we can look forward to meet the couple again in the third novel The Boy in the Headlights, where they have to look deep into their own dark pasts to find the killer. The book is due on March 21.

In March we´ll also get a chance to lay hands on two awarded debuts. The much talked about historical noir The Wolf and the Watchman by Niklas Natt och Dag is a cruel crime drama set in Stockholm 1793. Besides the bestial crime story the author depicts the frightful but fascinating reality lurking under the powdered surface of late 18th century Stockholm.

The winner of the Swedish Academy of Crime Writers’ Award 2018 was Stina Jackson and her debut novel The Silver Road. It is a heartbreaking story set among the endless forests and desolate landscapes of northern Sweden.

Iceland has a whole lot of extremely good crime fiction authors and in April we can look forward to two exciting sequels. The Island by Ragnar Jónasson is the second book in his Hidden Iceland series and we´ll meet Hulda Hermannsdóttir, when she is sent to investigate a disappearance on the outpost of Elliðaey. The Absolution is the third part of the Freya and Huldar series by Yrsa Sigurðardóttir and it´s a brilliant and suspenseful story, where the police has to look for clues on Snapchat.

And in July, just in time for the summer holidays, the Norwegian “king of crime” Jo Nesbø will be back with his twelfth Harry Hole novel. Knife sees Harry waking up with a ferocious hangover, his hands and clothes covered in blood – and according to the author Harry this time will be forced to come face to face with an old, deadly enemy, as well as with his darkest personal challenge yet.