Finally – Harry Hole is back!

Knife by Jo Nesbø

For fans of Jo Nesbø the novel Knife has been long awaited. It´s the 12th instalment in the series starring investigator Harry Hole at the Norwegian police. Following the dramatic ending of the last volume, Knife sees Harry Hole waking up with an insufferable hangover, his hands and clothes covered in blood and no memory of what has happened.

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A new series by Anne Holt

A grave for two by Anne Holt

Norwegian lawyer, ex-minister and crime fiction author Anne Holt has become internationally known for two extremely successful crime series: the Hanne Wilhelmsen series with ten installments and the Inger Johanne Vik series with five installments and a much appreciated TV adaptation called Modus. In A Grave For Two, the first part in a new crime series, Holt delves into the competitive world of distance skiing. The novel is set around the Norwegian skiing world, but focus more on the  issue of doping and on the power and money involved in the national sport, than on the athletes.

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Varg Veum is back!

Wolves at the door by Gunnar Staalesen

On a dark January night a car drives at high speed towards private investigator Varg Veum, and comes very close to killing him. Veum is certain that it isn´t an accident, but who is after him and why? Has the deaths of two men just released from prison anything to do with it? Both the men were convicted for child pornography and sexual assault, and since Veum was involved in the case he suspects that he's on someone´s death list. Fearing for his life, he resumes investigating the old case, interviewing the victims of abuse and delving deeper into the brutal crimes. And soon he discovers a past that is darker and more disturbing than he could imagine.

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Modus – from Oslo to Stockholm

Modus is a Swedish TV series based upon novels by Norwegian crime fiction author Anne Holt. She is Norway´s best selling female crime writer, particularly known for creating the successful Hanne Wilhelmsen series and Inger Johanne Vik series. Modus follows the work of Inger Johanne Vik, who is a criminal psychologist and profiler and who has previously assisted the FBI.

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Holger Munch and Mia Krüger are back!

The boy in the headlights by Samuel Bjørk

An old man is driving through the night on a lonely wintry road. Suddenly his headlights catch a creature he thinks is an animal crossing the road. But when he gets closer, he realizes it´s a small boy running through the night with a set of deer antlers strapped to his head. This is the opening scene of The Boy in the Headlights  - and as a reader you are immediately hooked.

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