Holger Munch and Mia Krüger are back!

The boy in the headlights by Samuel Bjørk

An old man is driving through the night on a lonely wintry road. Suddenly his headlights catch a creature he thinks is an animal crossing the road. But when he gets closer, he realizes it´s a small boy running through the night with a set of deer antlers strapped to his head. This is the opening scene of The Boy in the Headlights  - and as a reader you are immediately hooked.

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Finnish Noir

Where have all the young girls gone by Leena Lehtolainen

Why not try some Finnish Noir – for instance Where Have All the Young Girls Gone, the latest novel by Leena Lehtolainen – together with a nice cup of hot coffee?  This should be an ideal combination since Leena Lehtolainen is Finland´s bestselling female crime fiction writer.

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Kurt Wallander – still highly relevant

Police station Ystad

Henning Mankell wrote most of his novels starring Kurt Wallander in the 90s, but apart from the design of the mobile phones and computers, they might as well be written today. Mankell used crime fiction to expose the cracks in the Swedish welfare state and to highlight problems such as growing inequality, social unrest, cultural tensions and racism.

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