A psychological thriller by Karin Fossum

The Whisperer by Karin Fossum

The psychological thriller The Whisperer is Karin Fossum´s thirteenth novel featuring Inspector Konrad Sejer at the Oslo Police. As usual it is not an action-packed story, rather the opposite, as most of the action takes place inside the offender.

The novel is set in the rural outskirts of Oslo, where Ragna lives a very lonely and restricted life. She is disabled after a failed surgery and cannot talk, only whisper. She goes to her routine job at a store, sits on the same seat on the bus and buys the same things at the local shop every day. She fights to be in control of everything and that she is, until one day she finds a letter in her mailbox with a death threat written in block capitals. She tries to ignore it at first, but soon Ragna´s carefully constructed life gradually unravels into a nightmare…

We meet Ragna when she is interrogated by Inspector Sejer and before long we understand that some shocking event has led up to her being arrested. But how did this lonely, quiet and fragile woman come to kill a man – or did she?

Karin Fossum has a background as a health and social worker, that has given her deep insights in the weakness and vulnerability of human beings. She is a master of describing how frail minds begin to crackle when extraordinary things happen and her unravelling of Ragna´s story forms an intense and creepy build-up of suspense until the final catastrophe.

Inspector Konrad Sejer acts as a secondary part in this novel, but his calm and patient interrogation moves the story forward. He is a truly compassionate man, who really tries to understand the suspect. He certainly is the kind of investigator you would like to meet if you were in trouble.

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