Smoke Screen – a new Blix & Ramm thriller

Smoke Screen is the second installment in the Blix & Ramm series, co-written by the Norwegian crime fiction authors Jørn Lier Horst and Thomas Enger, and set in Oslo.

The novel has an explosive introduction when a bomb goes off during the annual New Year’s Eve fireworks in Oslo, and the city is immediately put on terrorist alert. Detective Alexander Blix, who is on duty, helps to pull a severely injured woman from the icy harbour. She is identified as the mother of two-year-old Patricia Smeplass, who was kidnapped ten years earlier … and never found. Blix happened to be the lead investigator in that case many years prior and now he is struck by the coincidence of Smeplass being at the crime scene. What happened to Patricia and why is her mother now the victim of bomb attack ?
When Emma Ramm, who is a journalist, finds out about Blix’s previous involvement with Smeplass, she resolves to dig deeper into the past to write an article about the case. Blix and Ramm are both convinced that there is a connection between the bombing and the old case about the missing girl. They join forces to investigate, as public interest heightens, the terror threat is raised, and it becomes clear that Patricia’s disappearance is not all that it seems…

Successful partnerships

Police officer Alexander Blix and journalist Emma Ramm happened to be on the scene for the attack. They have a common past, that will always connect them, leaving Blix as a kind of father figure in Ramm’s life. Blix is still troubled by the case of the missing child and he takes on a new determination to solve it, once and for all. Ramm, with a difficult childhood herself, wants to find out more about the little girl and at times she is one step ahead of the police. Both Blix and Ramm are determined to dig beyond the obvious in their search for the truth and their paths cross now and then, but their relationship is based on mutual respect and they make up an original but fantastic crime solving team.

In the same way the partnership between the two well established crime writers Jørn Lier Horst and Thomas Enger turns out to be a brilliant and fruitful collaboration. Jørn Lier Horst is a former police officer whose crime novels rely on detailed, realistic portrayals of policework; Thomas Enger is a former journalist whose crime novels are full of psychological tension, emotions and engaging characters. In the Blix & Ramm series, these two authors bring the best of their solo work together in page-turning, thrilling crime novels with intricate plots and compelling characters.

Smoke Screen is the second novel in the Blix and Ramm series, but can well be read as a standalone, as the two protagonists shared history is briefly recapped. The complex and suspenseful plot, the endearing characters and the setting in a well described and atmospheric Oslo will keep you hooked from the very start.

Smoke screen by Jorn Lier Horst and Thomas Enger

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