Swedish courtroom thriller – now on Netflix

Quicksand by Malin Persson Giolito

After a brutal school shooting in Stockholm´s wealthiest suburb, eighteen-year-old Maja Norberg finds herself on trial for murder. She has undoubtedly been involved in the massacre and is accused of killing her boyfriend and her closest girl friend. But how did Maja – a popular and privileged top student – become a cold-blooded killer? What did Maja do? Or what did she fail to do? Is she really a murderer or maybe just another victim?

Quicksand is a bestselling novel by Swedish crime fiction author Malin Persson Giolito. It was voted best Nordic Crime Novel of the year in 2017 and now it appears as an original TV series on Netflix, filmed on location in Sweden and Croatia. And if you are a fan of the iconic TV series The Bridge, you might be interested in knowing that Bridge writer Camilla Ahlgren also is the head writer of Quicksand.

The story in Quicksand is told through a series of flashbacks at the same time as the trial of Maja unfolds. Step by step we learn about the events leading up to the tragedy, all of which seemed to start when Maja fell in love with Sebastian Fagerman and became entangled in his super rich but dysfunctional family. Sebastian is a charismatic person and everybody wants to be with Sebastian, but he only wants to be with Maja. But the carefree days in the beginning of their romance slowly change when the parties get more and more limitless, drugs abound and Sebastian´s mental state deteriorates.

Malin Persson Giolito is originally a lawyer and the trial is drawn with painstaking authenticity, where the facts gradually are revealed, but so are the economic, social and racial tensions under the smooth surface of a wealthy society. Both the novel and the TV-series raise important questions about parenting, abusive relationships, mental health, guilt and responsibility. A thought-provoking story of our time.