Sweden and Russia – past and present

ten Swedes must die by Martin Österdahl

During a farm auction in the Stockholm archipelago, a dead man is found in a hope-chest. His body is cut in half and he has a number and strange symbols engraved in the forehead. The dead man turns out to be the head of the Swedish Migration Board and is the first in a row of prominent Swedes, who become victims of brutal and ritualistic murders.

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Beyond all reasonable doubt – a legal thriller

Beyond all reasonable doubt by Malin Persson GiolitoMalin Pe

Thirteen years ago, 15-year-old Katrin was brutally murdered in her home. Stig Ahlin, a medical researcher, was convicted of the murder and has been imprisoned since then. Ahlin denied being guilty of the homicide, but as he admitted that he had slept with Katrin and at the same time was being investigated for abusing his own daughter, most people had no doubt about his guilt. Ahlin became known as something of a monster and was dubbed Professor Death by the press.

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Stefan Ahnhem – a master of plots

Motive X by Stefan Ahnhem

Motive X is the fourth book by Swedish crime fiction author Stefan Ahnhem to be published in English. It is set in the idyllic coastal town of Helsingborg, where a wave of brutal but apparently random homicides pressures the police. The murders have no pattern, no order and no motives. And lead investigator Fabian Risk is distracted by his own mission to uncover a corrupt colleague and to take care of his disintegrating family.

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Kurt Wallander – still highly relevant

Police station Ystad

Henning Mankell wrote most of his novels starring Kurt Wallander in the 90s, but apart from the design of the mobile phones and computers, they might as well be written today. Mankell used crime fiction to expose the cracks in the Swedish welfare state and to highlight problems such as growing inequality, social unrest, cultural tensions and racism.

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