Tense family drama

A nearly normal family by Mattias Edvardsson

How well do you know your own children? How far would you go as a parent to keep your daughter from being in jail for the rest of her life? Would you lie, threaten or even…?
These are the crucial questions in A Nearly Normal Family, where 18-year-old Stella, an ordinary teenager from an ordinary family,  is accused of the brutal murder of man nearly twice her age.  Stella’s father, a respected pastor in the local parish, and her mother, a career driven criminal defense attorney, are a happily married couple that all of a sudden have to question everything they thought they knew about  each other – and about their daughter.

The story is set in Lund, a small town in southern Sweden, characterized by its medieval city centre, its ancient and respected university and a vibrant student life. The novel is told in an unusual three-part structure, with three different perspectives – Stella, her father and her mother. As a reader you follow the story of the crime, but at the same time the unfolding of the happy family life. Just when you think you´ve everything figured out, a new voice takes over and turns it upside down.

A Nearly Normal Family is not the ordinary story of a violent and brutal crime and some police officer investigating and chasing a killer. It´s a suspenseful psychological thriller, partly domestic drama, partly courtroom drama, but first and foremost a thought-provoking narrative of a moral and ethic dilemma. Mattias Edvardsson is a Swedish high school teacher and author. He has written multiple novels, but A Nearly Normal Family is his first novel being translated into English – but hopefully not the last.


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