The Chestnut Man – a creepy Halloween TV drama

Halloween is fast approaching and The Chestnut Man, a sinister six episodes serial killer thriller, is the ultimate choice for binge-watching during dark autumn nights.

The story begins on Halloween in 1989, when a local Danish policeman is called to a remote farmhouse for a routine visit. As he searches the farm, he finds a whole family slaughtered right where they sat eating their breakfast – and  even more disturbing are the series of “chestnut men” , all seemingly watching over the slaughter.

From there the story moves forward to Copenhagen and the day when a young mother is found brutally murdered, with one hand cut off. Above her hangs a small doll made of chestnuts. Young and ambitious detective Naia Thulin and burned-out investigator Mark Hess are assigned the case, but they soon discover another woman brutally murdered. This time both her hands have been cut off. And there is another chestnut figure. It is obvious that the two detectives are on the hunt of a serial killer and besides the chestnut figures their only clue is a strange connection to an earlier case , when the young daughter of a parliamentary minister was brutally murdered.

Søren Sveistrup

The TV drama is based on Søren Sveistrup´s novel The Chestnut Man, adapted for screen by the author himself. The Chestnut Man is in fact his debut novel, but Søren Sveistrup is since long a successful scriptwriter, best known for creating the successful Danish TV series The Killing. The Chestnut Man is an intriguing mystery, packed with suspense and action, and set in a dark and eerie autumnal Copenhagen. The story is gruesome and complex, partly police procedural, partly psychological thriller with social implications, and it is really impressing to see how Sveistrup manages to tie the many threads together in the end.

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